Ilayaraja Melodies- Ooru Sanam Thoongidichi

Greatest Ilayaraja Melodies hits song Ooru Sanam Thoongidichi from Mella Thiranthathu Kadhavu movie. In this movie Illayaraja and MS Viswanathan worked together for Background music and sound track. This movie was directed by R. Sundarajan and released in year 1986. Mohan, Radha, Amala and Senthil did the lead role in this film. This movie was produced and distributed by AVM productions.

About Ilayaraja Melodies – Ooru Sanam Thoongidichi

Ooru Sanam Thoongidichi is one of the best ever green Ilayaraja Melodies song for which the music was scoredby him. This song was written by his elder brother Gangai Amaran and the song was sung by S.Janaki. This is a love song where Radha thinks about his lover Mohan to sing this song in the movie. Amala did as a Muslim girl where Mohan fells love with Amala in the music college. Amala dies due to an expected incident in forest on a quick sand which make Mohan feel bad.  Finally whether Mohan marries Radha is the story line of this movie Mella Thiranthathu Kadahavu movie. A romantic classical movie directed by R.Sundarajan with a classical music of Ilayaraja melodies with MS Viswanathan.

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